Robin and Katrina are a husband and wife team making natural scented candles and reed diffusers at their converted barn in the Yorkshire Dales. Their story began with a sweet tooth and love of cheesecake!

When Katrina was asked to take a charity craft stall at the local village hall she was stumped as to what to make. Rummaging through her kitchen cupboards she came across a collection of small glass ramekin dishes – all that was remaining from the well-known brand of cheesecakes that Robin had so keenly enjoyed.

Katrina was inspired and could see that the dishes would be perfect for scented candles so with soy wax, wicks and scent purchased, and the internet as a guide, the first Barn Craft candle was born.

Following the success at the charity craft stall demand for candles from family and friends grew, and so did the need to buy more cheesecakes! Fearing for his growing waistline Robin began to investigate alternative glass containers and packaging with the idea of selling to the wider population.

On 4th July 2016 they approached a local stockist of handcrafted gifts who promptly bought the entire stock. Barn Craft was officially launched.

Since then, they have continued to grow and evolve with natural reed diffusers being added to the range in 2017, followed by new updated packaging in 2018.

As a company based in the Yorkshire Dales they try, wherever possible, to support other local businesses and are proud to say that 50% of suppliers are from Yorkshire and around 60% are from within just 75 miles of their workshop.

Barn Craft’s ethos continues to be making truly luxurious products whilst still being kind to the environment. Designer products with a Yorkshire twist!

Footnote: Robin continues to enjoy cheesecake but we are pleased to report that his waistline hasn’t expanded in line with the growth of the business!